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Azure Web Apps only in Current Portal from February 1, 2017 5

Azure Web Apps only in Current Portal from February 1, 2017

azure-app-service-web-app_colorMicrosoft has been working for a couple years to add support to all existing Azure services, as well as a plethora of new services, within the Current Azure Portal (http://portal.azure.com). One of the huge services that wasn’t available in the Current Azure Portal until recently is Azure AD; which is still in Preview within the Current Portal. However, Azure Web Apps have been supported in the Current Azure Portal for about 2 years or so at this point, and Microsoft is taking this new / current portal migration even further…

Starting February 1, 2017, Azure Web Apps will no longer be available in the “Classic” Azure Portal (http://manage.windowsazure.com). For most the duality of the Portals has been a bit frustrating, and it’s relieving to see that Microsoft is making the move to not just add support for services in the Current Portal, but also remove them from the “Classic” Portal.

This step is really a move towards an ARM (Azure Resource Manager) only world within the Microsoft Azure cloud. The “Classic” Azure Portal is built around the old Azure Service Manager (ASM) model. While the Current Azure Portal is built around the much newer, and feature rich ARM (Azure Resource Manager) model that brings features such as ARM Templates, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), and is the set of APIs that all newer Azure Services only support.

Static Website Hosting in Azure Storage 6

Static Website Hosting in Azure Storage

Traditional shared hosting providers generally cost anywhere between $8 – $10 USD per month. The reason is you need to reserve some CPU and Memory resources on a VM to host your website. These are very useful for hosting dynamic web sites or applications with small amounts of traffic. However, if you have a static website then you don’t need CPU and Memory on a VM, all you need is storage and bandwidth. Since hosting a static website or static front-end to an API powered web application only requires storage and bandwidth, it makes Azure Storage a perfect service to host such a website. In this article I’ll explain what’s necessary to host static website in Azure Blob Storage, then I’ll show how you can estimate the hosting cost of the site as well. (Hint: It’s really cheap!) Read More