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Microsoft xCloud: Azure Powered Game Streaming 4

Microsoft xCloud: Azure Powered Game Streaming

Microsoft is building a game streaming network to unlock console quality gaming on any device. Microsoft has realized that not all gamers are going to buy an Xbox. Instead of focusing on building games that […]

Azure Availability Zones 5

Azure Availability Zones

One of the largest gaps that Azure has had when compared to the competition has been the lack of high-availability options.  The most glaring has been the lack of Availability Zones, which have been available […]

Save Money in Azure Tip 1: Compare Azure Region Pricing 6

Save Money in Azure Tip 1: Compare Azure Region Pricing

In this video, I show you the specifics on comparing Azure Region pricing information around Virtual Machine hosting. As you can see, the Azure Regions do have different pricing for some of the Virtual Machine […]

Azure Region Pairs Explained 7

Azure Region Pairs Explained

Microsoft Azure is generally available in over 54 regions around the world. Each Azure Region is home to a vast array of services hosted within multiple datacenters in the region. Separate regions is very apparent […]

Azure CDN Endpoint Interactive Map

The Microsoft Azure CDN (Content Delivery Network) provides secure, reliable content delivery with a broad global reach along with rich features. The Azure CDN endpoints are not the same as the Azure Regions, and Microsoft […]

Azure Region Interactive Map

The number of Microsoft Azure regions and data centers is greater than both Amazon and Google combined. Azure is huge cloud, but where exactly are the 30+ Azure regions located? Microsoft does publish updated static […]