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Internet of Things

Learn how to Build IoT Apps on Azure with SkillMeUp and Opsgility

There has been an ever growing interesting in the Internet of Things (IoT). Beyond being just plain cool, IoT is a really interesting area of growth in pretty much any industry that has figured out how to make use of it. Some of the implementations of IoT include cruise ships, self-driving cars, smart thermostats, and MANY, MANY other applications! With cloud-based IoT services like those offered from Microsoft Azure it’s becoming much easier to build more powerful Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

On the training side, there’s not too much available for teaching you how to build Internet of Things (IoT) architectures and solutions in the cloud. Recently, I published a new learning path and series of on-demand courses and hands-on labs on Building IoT Apps on Microsoft Azure over at SkillMeUp.com.

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Big DataCertification

70-475 Big Data Analytics Exam – Feb 2017 Update

The 70-475 Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions certification exam was first published Oct. 27, 2015. Many features and services in the Microsoft Azure platform have changed since the exams initial release. This is true of all the certification exams that cover Microsoft Azure services. For this reason, Microsoft published updates to these exams periodically. The latest update to this exam was published in February 2017. This article outlines the current state of this certification exam.

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