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Grove IoT Commercial Gateway Kit from Seeed

The Grove IoT Commercial Gateway Kit from Seeed is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Intel to create a starter kit for rapidly prototyping commercial IoT gateways. This kit finally makes it easy […]

Windows Server running on ARM CPUs, Azure is Next!

So far the servers within Microsoft Azure data centers have been running Intel processors (CPUs). For a long time I’ve wondered if the power efficiency of ARM CPUs could make them more cost effective than […]

Windows 10 IoT Core Compatible Boards

There are many IoT hardware boards on the market today. Windows 10 IoT Core has some very specific hardware requirements, so only a few of the boards available support the the ability to run Windows 10 […]

Intel Joule is an IoT Powerhouse

The Internet of Things hardware landscape is heating up. There’s tons of devices available with many new devices being released every few months. One of the latest devices in the new Intel Joule. This is an […]