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Build Azure is Growing Beyond just Chris! 5
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Build Azure is Growing Beyond just Chris!

Build Azure is Growing Beyond just Chris! 6It’s not often that I write these “meta” style articles here, but I have some news that I’m really excited to share with everyone. For the last approximately 2.5 years, I’ve been the only person writing ALL the content and newsletter for BuildAzure.com. Yes, it’s really been just me. There’s been no AI involved. 🙂 I’ve been able to grow BuildAzure.com to the level of traffic, subscribers, and Google ranking from zero to what it is today; along with the help from all those of you who are reading this, subscribing, and sharing. I sincerely thank you all!!

It is now time to grow BuildAzure.com to be more than just myself, and start adding amazing Microsoft Azure experts to the list of authors and “Build Azure Experts” posting content here. This does not mean I’ll be posting less; just that I’ll be joined by others too! Read More

2016: Build Azure Year in Review 9
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2016: Build Azure Year in Review

BuildAzure_Logo2It’s been a year and a half since I first started BuildAzure.com. Starting from zero visitors and page views, the site has had tremendous growth over this time; both overall traffic and subscribers!. I haven’t written any “meta” posts about the site before, but in the theme of transparency I’ve decided to write up this “Year in Review” article. To summarize, Build Azure is currently getting nearly 40,000 page views per month, and 4,000+ subscribers across multiple mediums with 185 published articles.

My name is Chris Pietschmann, and am the person who’s been writing all these articles and I’d like to share a little “meta” information about the Build Azure site. I would also like to extend a huge “Thank You” to all who’ve been visiting and subscribing! It’s really amazing to see people finding so much value from the content on this site! Read More