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Azure Weekly: Mar. 5, 2018 – MVP Summit this Week!

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MVP Global Summit 2018 is this week!

Today kicks off the first day of the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2018! The MVP Summit is an event where Microsoft invites all the currently active Microsoft MVP out to Redmond, WA to meet for the week. If you’re not familiar with the Microsoft MVP Program, please read my article “How to become a Microsoft MVP“. Also, if you are a Microsoft MVP, thanks for subscribing to Build Azure Weekly, and I’m going to attempt to meet as many of you as possible this week! It’s going to be awesome!

The MVP Global Summit is essentially a private conference for those who are currently awarded the Microsoft MVP award, as well as Microsoft Regional Directors (RDs) to attend. This year there are approximately 2,000 MVPs and RDs from over 80 countries worldwide coming to attend.

The way the MVP Summit is run is that the presenters are all Microsoft employees from the various product teams. Then, MVPs get to attend sessions within their Award Categories / Expertise. Through this they get to meet product team members at Microsoft, network with other Microsoft MVPs and RDs, as well as offer feedback to the product teams. The Feedback aspect is really one of the big reasons Microsoft holds the MVP Global Summit each year. This provides a means for Microsoft to get early feedback and suggestions from leaders in the community to help make all the products and releases even better.

It is also worth noting that in order to attend, all MVPs must sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Microsoft, as the sessions are full of early previews of what’s coming over the next few months. As a result of the NDA, anything new and yet to be released publicly that is presented and talked about at the MVP Global Summit can be talked about publicly until Microsoft themselves releases it publicly. While I’m certain to learn about a ton of awesome stuff in the pipeline, I unfortunately will not be able to share any kind of summary of the event content in next weeks Build Azure Weekly. Just be sure to keep an eye out over the next few months for awesome announcements and releases that MVPs likely got an early sneak peak at during Summit. 🙂

For those of you attending the Microsoft MVP Global Summit 2018, I just got in a bunch of Build Azure sticker that I’ve brought with me. 🙂 No hoops to jump through to get a sticker. You just need to meet me in person and say “Hi”. I’m excited to meet everyone at the summit!

The Weeks Top Links

Here are some of the most notable links from the week:

Azure Service Updates

Here’s a list of the Microsoft Azure Service Updates from over the past week:

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How to become a Microsoft MVP

Whether you’ve heard of the Microsoft MVP Award and are wondering how to earn it yourself, or just curious as to what others have done to earn this recognition form Microsoft, here’s a brief explanation into the What and How of the Microsoft MVP Award.

The Microsoft MVP Award is an award Microsoft gives out to a select group of community leaders who make an impact everyday in the overall Microsoft technology community. Microsoft MVPs do a lot of work in their own time, with nothing expected in return other than the self-gratification that they’re helping others do great things. The MVP Award is a way for Microsoft to say “Thanks!” to these industry experts in the Microsoft technology space.

Before we discuss how to earn the award, and become a Microsoft MVP, let’s cover a few things like “What is the MVP Award?” and “Who are MVPs?” Read More


Microsoft Build Conference Coming May 7 – 9, 2018

The “Microsoft Build” conference is Microsoft’s annual developer conference. Build is the sister conference to the Microsoft Ignite conference. Ignite does have some dev content, but it’s primary focus is on IT Pros. The Build conference is where Microsoft focuses on the Developer community. They also make TONS of product announcements around Microsoft Azure, Xamarin, Visual Studio, and many other products / services at both of these annual conferences. At this years Build conference, scheduled for May 7 – 9, 2018, Microsoft will undoubtedly be announcing many great new features to their products and services, as well as providing some really great sessions on current and new technology! Read More


How to Compare Azure VM Pricing Across Azure Regions

At first glance, Virtual Machine pricing in Microsoft Azure seems fairly straight forward. However, the different VM pricing tiers actually do vary in price from region to region. In fact comparing the prices across regions can be a little tricky whether you’re using the Pricing Calculator or the pricing info in the Azure Portal. However, Victor Kiselev has compiled all the Azure pricing together into an easy to use comparison tool. Read More


Join the conversation with Build Azure Slack group

Blog articles are great for sharing information, as well as getting some feedback through comments. However, it’s still somewhat limited when it comes to the opportunity for communication. What if you have a question unrelated to the post topic? How do you talk with other readers of the same blog? How do you solve the limited networking capabilities between subscribers? Well, I’ve been putting some thought into this and have put together a solutions! Read More

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Open Source Azure Certification Practice Tests

Studying for the Azure certification exams can be a daunting task. One of the most difficult things is knowing whether you’re ready to sit the actual exam or not. Take the exam too early, you’ll fail. Not understand how the questions will be written, you could fail. Over prepare, and you’ll pass but possibly waste some time. To really hone in on a certification exam, the use of a practice test / exam can be extremely useful. In an effort to help others studying for these exams, I have started creating a couple Free, Open Source Azure certification practice exams. Read More