Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

The Microsoft Cloud Platform roadmap provides a snapshot of what Microsoft is working on in their Cloud Platform business. You can use the roadmap to find out what they've recently made generally available, released into public preview, are still developing and testing, or are no longer developing. The Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap really gives you a nice…Read more Microsoft Cloud Platform Roadmap

Free eBook: Defending the New Perimeter – Modern Security from Microsoft

The Free eBook "Defending the New Perimeter: Modern Security from Microsoft" is a guide to the Microsoft Cybersecurity Stack for IT Decision Makers written by Pete Zerger and Wes Kroesbergen. The book discusses topics such as: Identifying Threats at Scale, Leveraging Identity as a Gateway, and Protecting the Modern Perimeter. Download Here Here's a description…Read more Free eBook: Defending the New Perimeter – Modern Security from Microsoft

The Polynimbus Cloud Enterprise

Many organizations are finding that they are integrating solutions across multiple cloud providers these days. Many complete systems are contained within a single cloud provider, but many different systems may be spread across  multiple cloud providers. We're starting to enter a world of the Polynimbus Enterprise; an enterprise that uses 2 or more cloud platform…Read more The Polynimbus Cloud Enterprise

How big is the Microsoft Azure Cloud?

The Microsoft Azure Cloud is huge. Or should I say H-y-uuuuu-ge! It's the largest cloud provider in the world with 38 Regions currently (30 online) spread across the globe, and Microsoft keeps adding more regions every few months. Microsoft has been betting the future of their Enterprise business on Azure since the initial General Availability…Read more How big is the Microsoft Azure Cloud?


MCSD: App Builder Certification

Along side the Ignite 2016 conference, Microsoft announced some changes to the Microsoft Certified Professional program. These changes outlined 5 new MCSE and MCSD certifications, along with MCSA certifications to go along with them. One of these new MCSD certifications is the new MCSD: App Builder certification. This certification requires 3 exam to be passed…Read more MCSD: App Builder Certification


New MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification

Among the many Microsoft Certification changes and updates announced around the Microsoft Ignite 2016 conference recently is the addition of the brand new MCSA: Cloud Platform certification. There are a total of 5 Microsoft Azure specific exam, and this new MCSA certification wraps those up into an easier certification to achieve. But, don't worry, you…Read more New MCSA: Cloud Platform Certification


The New MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification

There are a total of 5 Azure specific certification exams available from Microsoft currently. If you pass each of these individually you will earn a Microsoft Specialist certification for the topic/skills area the exam covers. Also, until this week if you took the 3 Azure Solutions exams you would earn the MCSD: Azure Solutions Architect.…Read more The New MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Certification