Microsoft Azure Certification List

Here’s a roadmap graphic of the Microsoft Certifications, so you can visualize how the structure works. Basically, you take multiple individual certification exams that qualify for a particular certification. In general, on your way to earning the larger MCSE or MCSD certification you will also earn an MCSA certification. This provides a stepped path from passing a single certification exam, to earning an MCSA, and finally an MCSE or MCSD certification along your specialty path.

Here’s a list of the various Microsoft Azure related certifications:

Certification Exam List

Here’s a list of the various Microsoft Azure related certification exams:

Need help deciding what exam to take for your next certification effort? You can reference the “Build Azure Exam Finder” tool to easily sort and filter the certification exams by technology and tag.

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Retired Certifications and Exams

Here’s a list of older Certifications and individual Exam that have been retired. These lists and links are here for reference, but in general you won’t be studying for these exams since they are no longer available to be taken.

Retired Certifications:

Retired Exams: