Super Human: Learn Azure Get a Free Drone

Who doesn't want a free drone / quadcopter? "Let's face it, you're SUPER HUMAN" The website currently has a bunch of FREE Azure Marketplace Labs you can do virtually (online from anywhere). Once you complete a lab, you just submit proof you did the lab and Microsoft will send you a free mini-quadcopter! Alternatively, you can…Read more Super Human: Learn Azure Get a Free Drone

Azure Marketplace: Barracuda

Among the many different 3rd party appliance and other solutions within the Azure Marketplace are a few from Barracuda. These images provide a simple, easy method of provisioning Barracuda solutions within your Azure Subscription right from the Azure Portal, PowerShell, or Azure CLI instrumentation tools. You can follow the following steps to find the list…Read more Azure Marketplace: Barracuda

Azure Marketplace: pfSense – gateway, firewall, vpn

There are many 3rd party VM appliance images available within the Azure Marketplace. Many of them offer Router, Firewall, and VPN solutions. One such solution is the pfSense for Azure VM image from Netgate. To find "pfSense for Azure" in the Azure Marketplace, just follow the following steps: Navigate to the Azure Portal Click on the…Read more Azure Marketplace: pfSense – gateway, firewall, vpn

Azure Marketplace: F5 WAF Solution

There are many solutions available within the Azure Marketplace. One of these is the F5 WAF (web application firewall) solution. The F5 WAF solution is built using the industry-proven F5 BIG-IP Application Security Manager and BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager technologies, and it one of the many solutions available in the Azure Marketplace from third party…Read more Azure Marketplace: F5 WAF Solution

Azure Marketplace: BlogEngine.NET

BlogEngine.NET is an Open Source, ASP.NET blogging engine. It can easily be hosted on any Windows Server running IIS. In addition to this, BlogEngine.NET is available within the Azure Marketplace. The Azure Marketplace offers the ability to easily deploy BlogEngine.NET into an Azure App Service Web App. To find the “BlogEngine.NET’ in the Azure Marketplace…Read more Azure Marketplace: BlogEngine.NET