BuildAzure_Logo2Build Azure is a showcase of unique and aggregated content that focuses on EVERYTHING Microsoft Azure; from Developer to IT Pro. The site contains videos, tutorials, open source showcases, and much more!

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This site is a sister site to BuildHoloLens.com. Build HoloLens focuses on everything Microsoft HoloLens.

Monthly Sponsorship Opportunity!

Build Azure is looking for Monthly Sponsors! The Build Azure Monthly Sponsorship opportunity includes:

  • Exclusive advertising during the month sponsored
  • Top placement with an Advertisement Image or Company Logo that links to a URL of your choice located at the top of the website sidebar on every page.
  • Mention as the Monthly Sponsor in every “Build Azure Weekly” blog post providing additional exposure to email and RSS subscribers in addition to further exposure on the site.
  • A “Monthly Sponsor Announcement” post that will go live at the beginning of the month to announce your sponsorship, along with description of what product / services you offer.

If you’re interested in advertising on BuildAzure.com and being a Build Azure Monthly Sponsor, please contact me for additional information.

About the Author

mvp_logo_horizontal_preferred_cyan300_rgb_300ppiThis site is maintained by Chris Pietschmann. He created the site to have a place to focus on just Azure related content, rather than the multi-disciplinary, technology randomness that has been his personal blog since 2004. While Chris posts things just related to Azure here, he still posts other technology randomness over there. You can also follow Chris on Twitter @crpietschmann. Chris is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect (MCSD) and a Microsoft MVP. He currently works as a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Opsgility.


Disclaimer: This site is not affiliated with Microsoft. Microsoft and Azure are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.

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