Month: October 2017

Internet of Things

Order Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) on Amazon with FREE Shipping

The Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) is a really amazing little IoT (Internet of Things) prototyping board with lots of sensors, buttons, OLED display, Wifi, and other things all built in! This is the official Azure IoT Dev Kit from Microsoft, and is manufactured in partnership with MXChip. There are a few 3rd parties that have been selling these boards since the pre-orders started, however, you can now purchase the Azure IoT Developer Kit (AZ3166) on Amazon, and get FREE Shipping Read More

Internet of Things

Azure IoT Developer Kits (AZ3166) Have Arrived

The Azure IoT Developer Kit is an Arduino compatible Internet of Things (IoT) board with quite a few sensors, buttons, and display all built-in. The board was initially announced at the Microsoft Build 2017 conference, and is manufactured by MXChip. The first boards were made available as a very limited “Preview” at first, and then Pre-Orders could be made starting in August 2017 from a couple of different online retailers with Pre-Orders expected to start shipping September 1, 2017. However, amongst all this anticipation, there was a manufacturing delay that moved the expected shipment date to September 21, 2017. That date also came and went, but then finally on October 2, 2017 my first shipment of these boards finally arrived; basically 1 month later than the initial expected shipping date.

At first sight, the Generally Available (GA) version of the Azure IoT DevKit looks pretty much identical to the “Preview” version. Clicking on the above links will bring you to more information as to what’s on the board and what the hardware specifications are. Here’s a short summary to save you time, but I encourage you to go read those articles too. Read More

Azure Weekly

Azure Weekly: Oct 2, 2017 – Ignite 2017 Wrapup / Summary Edition

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Service Updates

Here’s a list of the Microsoft Azure Service Updates from over the past week:


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