It seems there is constant news on the Microsoft certification front. Last fall, Microsoft shook up the entire MCP program with some amazing changes to how Azure certifications are integrated in the tracks, as well as the ability to renew MCSD and MCSE certifications annually with an elective exam. Now they are continuing to expand with new certification targeting the extremely popular realm of Data Science. The all new MCSA: Data Science certification is being added as an option to earn!

What exams qualify?

With the new MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate) certification in Data Science there are 2 exam that are required to be passed to earn the certification. These exams cover Azure Machine Learning, and analyzing big data with Microsoft R.

Here’s the specific exams that are required:

The MCSA: Data Science certification doesn’t have a large list of exams to choose from when earning it like some of the other certifications. This certification is more specific at the moment to center around Azure Machine Learning and Microsoft R.

From MCSA to MCSE Certification

Just like all the other MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solution Associate) certifications, the MCSA: Data Science also provides a foundational path to earning the bigger MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solution Expert) certification. There are multiple MCSE’s to choose from, each in a different specialization area. The MCSA: Data Science certification is a foundation on the path to earning the MCSE: Data Management & Analytics.

The way the path from MCSA to MCSE works is that you first earn an MCSA certification by passing the required exams. Then after earning the MCSA of your choice, you need to pick and pass an elective exam from the list of electives that count towards the eligible MCSE for that MCSA certification.

To simplify this, here’s the steps necessary to earn this MCSA and then upgrade to the bigger MCSE certification:

  1. Pass both the above mentioned certification exams (70-773 & 70-774) to earn the MCSA: Data Science
  2. Choose one of the MCSE: Data Management & Analytics elective exams, and pass it.

As you can see, if you take the MCSA: Data Science path to MCSE, you will be required to take and pass a total of 3 Microsoft certification exams. And, there are a number of elective exams for the MCSE: Data Management & Analytics certification.

Happy studying!

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